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They don't call European and German made cars and SUVs the "Ultimate Driving Machines" for nothing. If you've made the investment into one of these fine performance vehicles, you'll want to protect that investment and make sure it continues to perform over the course of its life on the road. Routine maintenance is necessary to keep your European and German made car or SUV performing just like it did when you brought it home, and that means taking it to the European auto repair professionals at European Service Center.


You might think by buying such a finely-tuned performance vehicle, you've avoided needing periodic maintenance. However, what you paid for your car when you bought it was really just the first installment. Routine maintenance is the continuing investment you make in your European and German made car or SUV that keeps it performing like the world-class automobile it is.


Dealer or Independent European Auto Repair Service?


When you purchased your new European and German made cars and SUVs, the dealership probably was pretty emphatic about coming back to them for any kind of service or routine maintenance. After all, the reasoning goes, who knows your European and German made cars and SUVs better than the people you bought them from?


However, that's not quite the whole truth. It's true that a European car or SUV dealership is going to have more experience working on your model of car than a standard independent auto repair specialist, but an independent European auto repair center that specializes in European and German made cars and SUVs negates that advantage. Further, studies show that by taking your European or German made car or SUV to an independent European auto repair shop, you can save $300 per year or more.


The truth is though that dealership profit margins are at an all-time low. Getting you to come back for all your maintenance needs is a good way for them to protect their bottom line. Both the dealership and independent European auto repair shop have the advantage of having worked with your specific model of European and German made car or SUV, and will both use genuine replacement parts for repairs. One just maintains your vehicle's performance for a lot less.


Stay on Schedule with European Service Center


If you are new to the European and German made car or SUV family, the recommended service schedule runs a little bit different, as you would expect it would for one of the world's finest automobiles. Every 10,000 miles or 12 months, for the life of your European or German made car or SUV, the following routine service checks at your European auto repair shop should be performed.


Oil and filter change

Brake system

Windshield wipers

Indicator and dashboard warning lights

Steering linkage

Cooling system

Belts and hoses

Suspension components

Tire pressure


After the first 30,000 miles, and then every 60,000 miles thereafter, the following checks should be performed.


Engine temperature

Steering system


Power steering


Fluid levels

Cooling system

Spark plugs

Air filter


Keeping these systems fine-tuned keeps your whole European and German made car or SUV running at peak performance.


Work with the Pros at European Service Center


With continued routine maintenance and service from our professional team at your local European Service Center, you'll keep your European and German made car or SUV running in top form. Both your bottom line and your Ultimate Driving Machine will be protected by professionals you trust. Contact us today for more information about how we can help you keep your European and German made car or SUV performing like the day you brought it home. Visit our locations page to find the European Service Center near you and CALL TODAY to schedule an appointment and to take advantage of our Online discount offer.


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