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Aston Martin


Aston Martin, a London founded company, is all about luxury sports cars. They have created many unique designs including the foundation model 1939 Atom, the 1966 DBSC Touring Italian which was designed to be a smaller and faster sports car and, in more recent years, the 2001 V12 Vanquish and the incredibly rare One-77.


With a car as unique and as beautifully crafted as an Aston Martin, you need a technician that can handle the maintenance and service like a professional. You are going to need the best, and our shop only hires the best because a car of this vision requires a certified technician who knows what they’re doing.





We are called European Motor Cars for a reason! Our technically-skilled auto mechanics have been trained by European part manufacturers such as WorldPac, SSF, the manufacture, and more. They have even been trained by Bernie Thompson, one of the top diagnostic technicians in the country. At European Motor Cars, we will take good care of you and your Audi. After all, we have been Georgia’s leading provider of European auto repairs for the since 1989.


Unfortunately, some dealerships may not be the most reliable source diagnostic evaluations and auto repair in the industry. The truth is, at least 50 percent of the diagnostic evaluations provided by dealerships are incorrect. These errors may be caused by poorly-trained technicians and the idea that many dealerships work to get you and your Audi out of warranty.





Bentley, the brand name speaks for itself! With several victories at the Le Mans race, there is no doubt that the Bentley brand is known for high performance. These vehicles go far beyond just power. Bentley Motors has a relentless dedication to providing luxury with one of the most acclaimed vehicles on the road today!


The dedication that went into building a Bentley from the beginning 3-litre in 1919 to the lower, sleeker, faster 2014 Continental GT V8 S requires the same level of dedication in the technician.





When your BMW needs auto repair, bring it to European Service Center. Our highly-skilled auto mechanics train with some of the best European parts dealers in the world, including WorldPac, SSF, the manufacture, and more. They also received training from one of the top diagnostics technician’s in the nation, Bernie Thompson.


Unlike many BMW dealerships that work to get you out of warranty as quickly as possible, at European Motor Cars, we want you to get the most from your BMW, for the least amount of money, over the longest period of time. Therefore, our highly-skilled auto mechanics use some of the top diagnostics equipment in the industry, including oscilloscopes, to take our diagnostic abilities to a higher level. Thus, we can explain exactly what is wrong with your BMW.





This Italian sports car company was founded in 1929 and is known for speed, luxury, and wealth. Originally designed for Formula One races, the need for speed is a necessity for Ferrari owners.


Official sales began in 1947, and driving a vehicle with that that much power made Ferrari more than just a car. It embodies passion and determination, and it’s reflected in the driver. Ferrari’s designs from the California T, the 458 Spider, and the ambitious LaFerrari, are all about the highest caliber of performance. As an owner, you need the same thing from your technician.





Is your Jaguar in need of auto repair? Bring it to the technically trained auto mechanics at European Service Center. We strive for you to spend the least amount of money for the most thorough auto repair service. Our team will educate you about what needs to be replaced immediately or what can wait for repair down the line.


At European Service Center, our exceptional team of auto mechanics can inspect your Jaguar thoroughly and repair it at the right price. That is because we use leading-edge tools and diagnostics equipment.





Ferruccio Lamborghini founded Automobili Ferruccio Lamborghini S.p.A. in 1963 with the goal of producing a superior grand touring car to compete with their competitors.


The company's first models were released in the mid-1960s and were noted for their refinement, power and comfort. The 350 GT was the masterpiece that established Lamborghini as a big time player. It was first unveiled at the 1964 Geneva motor show, with a new engine, streamlined frame, and a more sophisticated designed body.


The evolution of Lamborghini into today’s market is quite astounding since the company has gone through many changes, but the idea is still the same. This bullfighting supercar keeps drivers coming back because they know the superior quality of the brand, and our technicians understand that as well.






When drivers require auto repair for their Land Rovers, they turn to the team at European Service Center. Our technically-trained auto mechanics are experts at everything Land Rover. We have a passion for our work and can identify Land Rover problems other auto repair shops and dealerships might not catch.


Our team is unrivalled by other auto repair shops. We provide highly trained auto mechanics to diagnose and service your Land Rover. It is essential that every member of our team at European Service Center cares about you and your complete satisfaction. When you bring in your Land Rover, you can expect the highest quality auto repair and customer service.  It is one of the many reasons our clients choose European Service Center time-and-time again for quality Land Rover auto repair and service.





If you own a Maserati – you know there is a lot that comes with the rich history behind your vehicle.


In December 1914, the Maserati family began building 2-litre Grand Prix cars for Diatto – until 1926 when Diatto halted production. This led to the creation of Maserati race cars. These luxury Italian cars have since had a long and incredible history. They produced many record breaking racers and won multiple World Titles.


Today, Maserati continues to build luxurious vehicles with easy handling and precision steering. These vehicles are not for just the race track but for the road as well.





Founded in 1909, this German luxury car manufacturer originally developed diesel and petrol engines for aircraft and then rail cars. It wasn’t until 1921 that the first experimental car was designed and introduced at the Berlin Motor Show.


With a history in high-powered engines, it’s only natural to have a car that exemplifies that bigger is better. And you need a technician that is up for that challenge.


These now classic cars include a variety of opulent vehicles from the 1929 Maybach 12 to the Maybach 57 and 62. Maybach has always included many luxury features, and you need a shop to match. We have everything your vehicle needs from a minor oil change to a major repair, don’t settle for anything less.





When your Mercedes-Benz needs auto repair or service, take it to European Service Center.  Our technically-trained auto mechanics are experts at everything Mercedes-Benz.


Unfortunately, many Mercedes-Benz dealerships use their diagnostic evaluations to get you out of warranty as quickly as possible. At European Service Center, it is our goal to help you get the most from your Mercedes-Benz, for the least amount of money, over the longest period of time.


Our technically-trained auto mechanics at European Service Center use only the best leading-edge diagnostic tools and equipment in the industry.  Furthermore, we train with top-notch European auto parts dealers such as WorldPac, SSF, the manufacture, and more. In fact, the most well-respected diagnostics technician in the industry, Bernie Thompson, works with our crew on accuracy and precision tuning.





When your MINI needs auto repair services, look no further than European Motor Cars. Our team of professional, adept auto mechanics have been servicing MINI owners since we opened our doors.


Our top-notch auto mechanics have all the support they need to deliver impeccable MINI repair services. That is why our team of technically-trained technicians use leading-edge software, tools and diagnostic equipment. When it comes to MINI auto repair, customer service, and technology, we are head-and-shoulders above other auto repair service centers.


At European Service Center, we have got you covered. In addition to our commitment to outstanding servicing for your MINI, we are committed to keeping you safe on the road. So please be mindful of your MINI’s condition, we do not want unexpected surprises when you and your passengers are on the road.






The next time your Porsche is due for a checkup or needs larger scale auto repair work, take it to European Service Center. At European Service Center, our technically-trained auto mechanics are experts at everything Porsche. That is because we train with some of the best European parts dealers in the world, including WorldPac, SSF, the manufacture, and more. They also train with one of the top diagnostic technicians in the nation, Bernie Thompson.


Unlike many Porsche dealerships with under-trained techs who provide poor diagnostic evaluations as a way to get you out of warranty as quickly as possible, we want to help you get the most from your Porsche, for the least amount of money, over the longest period of time. To that end, our exceptionally-trained auto mechanics use some of the top diagnostics equipment in the industry, including oscilloscopes that take our precision diagnostic abilities to a higher level. Thus, we can clearly explain what should be fixed on your Porsche, why it should be fixed, and how long it will take us to fix it. We are seeking to build long-term relationships with our customers based on integrity, honesty, and trust.






There’s no doubt that owning a Rolls-Royce is a one-of-a-kind ownership experience, and we are here to provide you the one-of-a-kind service to match!


Ever since Henry Royce and Charles Rolls made a legendary business deal in 1904, Rolls-Royce vehicles have been known for their smooth rides and lavish yet classic designs. Rolls-Royce has earned the unofficial, yet well-known title, “the best car in the world.”


Rolls-Royces are deluxe, classic British cars, with an all-encompassing flawlessness. Like any foreign car, we know that maintaining your Rolls-Royce requires regularly scheduled check-ups and appointments.






Looking for a Saab mechanic that you can trust? You may have bought your new Saab because of its looks, but you probably also bought it because of its reputation for excellent performance. An important part of preserving that performance is routine maintenance.


Your new car probably came with a warranty that included free factory maintenance, which was nice because it cost you almost nothing. You would bring it to the dealership and they would take care of all your problems and do your routine maintenance. There was nothing for you to do, or worry about. Now, that the free maintenance has expired, its a little more expensive. An oil change is like a gouge in the wallet and something more, like a Saab brake repair, you almost wonder if you need a second mortgage.






Welcome to European Service Center for all of your Sprinter auto repairs. At European Service Center, we service all of your vehicle’s needs. Our auto mechanics are very experienced with European vehicles and have a genuine love for their craft. For this reason, we have been the best provider of European auto repair for more than 30 years. The Mercedes Benz Sprinter is a great vehicle for the family and travel as well as the #1 selling commercial van for companies in North America.  Thus, we make it a top priority that our auto mechanics get your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.


Trust us when we tell you your Sprinter will be in great hands at European Service Center. One of our team members has designed Mercedes Sprinter vehicles, building a customized Sprinter vehicle from the ground up with the leather, chairs, televisions, custom interior and more. Additionally, our auto mechanics have extensive training with European vehicles.  They have received training in auto repair from parts dealers such as WorldPac, SSF, the manufacture, and more. At European Service Center, you will receive great quality repairs along with great customer service.






When your Volkswagen needs auto repair service, bring it into European Service Center where our auto mechanics are experts at all things Volkswagen. We have been providing high quality European auto repair services since 1989. Our top-notch auto mechanics train with some of the best European part manufacturers such as WorldPac, SSF, the manufacture, and more.


Our technically-skilled auto mechanics are highly motivated to provide exceptional Volkswagen auto repair service. At European Service Center, we also deliver fantastic customer service and all of our shops have comfortable waiting areas.






When your Volvo needs inspection or auto repair, our highly-skilled auto mechanics at European Service Center are ready to help. Our team of technically-trained auto mechanics work with Volvo drivers in and around an area near you. Our exceptional team is reliable and efficient. In fact, we are experts at everything Volvo at European Service Center.


When you come to us for Volvo services and other auto repairs, extensively-trained auto mechanics will pinpoint the underlying issue causing your Volvo to malfunction. Next we will figure out the best possible way to repair it. We know it is essential to get you safely back on the road as soon as possible. At European Service Center, we want to make your time with us as comfortable as possible. We provide shuttle and Uber services should repairs take some time. If it it is a quick fix, we welcome you to wait in our waiting area with comfortable seating, free wifi, Keurig coffee, and cold drinks.


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  1. We honor Bosch 6 month/no interest financing options with approved credit.
  2. We work hard to provide unparalleled service to our customers by keeping them well informed when it comes to the service or repair of their vehicle.
  3. Operating with Honesty, Integrity, using the best possible equipment, parts & fluids
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